Hey guys. Here you can find a bunch of random and hopefully useful donwloadable content. In the course of time this section will fill up with reference photopacks,brushes, fullres Images of some of my Illustrations and much more stuff I haven't thought about yet. In order to avoid it getting too chaotic in here I won't post the links to all my studies in here, they will still be in the regular blog section though. This page is dedicated to more "special" stuff. I will try to upload in here regularily so that this pages can fill up nicely pretty quick. I will try my best to keep the links in soooooome kind of order....hopefully :D

 One last thing: If you download that stuff and like it please share the link to my blog to the world ( ) to get this stuff around, I don't care if you do this on your websites, facebooks, twitters or whatnot, it would just be cool if you could spare this one minute or two to share :)

Thanks guys!!

IMPORTANT: Concerning the Reference photoarchives: These are all results of my hours spent on google, meaning unless I don't say anything else these Photos are not taken by me!! The copyright still applies the same way it would if you googleserched them yourselves. These are not my photos in any way and the reason I share them is to save you guys the hours I put in googlesearching useful reference!

So here we go:

Ref-Pack: Persian Armor (.rar file 84 Photos)

Ref-Pack: Knights (.rar file 42 Photos)

Ref-Pack: Atmospheric perspective(.rar file 34 Photos)

Ref-Pack:Skulls (103 Photos)
I took those skull-photos myself so feel free to use them for anything you want. If you like them, share the link to this site!

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