Samstag, 7. Februar 2015


hey everyone,

super tired right now so no ranting and rambling this time.
Here are a bunch of studies done over the last 3-4 days. Unfortunately I cannot do to many these days since taking care of work trying desperately to pay my bills is eating up all of my time but I try to squeeze them in here or there while waiting for client feedback or instead of taking breaks.

These are a mixture of studies from reference as well as stuff from imagination trying to apply it.
My main concern in those is grouping of values in order to get a clean and strong design of shapes. I feel this is one of those obvious things I should have learned a long time ago but because I'm dumb I'm just starting to get into this now and realizing quickly how tremendously important it is for any composition. It's pretty much actually.
If you are interested in those subjects as well, check uot john f. carlsons "guide to landscape painting"
It's an amazing book touching on a lot of subjects concering value/shape and colordesign amd gives enough insight to get your brain thinking in different directions :)

Anyway, more of this to come in the next updates as well.

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