Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2013


sooooo in my continuing quest to be able to draw decent faces without bullshiting them or tweaking the shit out of them until they look right, here are the results of the last two days or so. All from memory.....obviously.

For me painting these and the theory behind painting faces in general is getting more ond more interesting and especially the aspects that make a portraitpainting just look "wrong". I still haven't wrapped my mind around the fact that the variations in faces we see every day are so incredibly huge including all kinds of different forms and shapes and still it is so "easy" to completely butcher a portrait painting. Why is it that we just accept a "real" face with untypical features, yet when painted it just looks awkward, like a badly painted picture or even wrong?
Another thing which completely blows my mind every time is how subtle painting a face actually can get (or most of the time is, especially when painting women), often the difference between a "correct" and a "huge" nose is determined by one or two millimeters on the monitor, which makes it even harder for me to grasp how some artists just seem to be able to nail it right away.

owell as always it all just comes down to practise and sentizise yourself to all the suuubtle aspects which make or break a portrait while still not losing the big structures. Man this stuff is so incredibly hard, interesting, and so much fun :D

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