Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013


Hey guys,

soooooo another little studydump for now, and before I get right to that I want to mention a couple of things especially because I've been rambling about that so much in the past so it would be kinda weird if I did not mention it now.
So for everyone who has been following this blog for the last year or so you might know that I've been busting my ass trying to build up the beginning of a freelance career and to finally quit my fulltime studiojob as a conceptartist.
Noow finally after a little more than the anticipated one year I finally made it and quit my job making me a fulltime freelance artist since yesterday actually. I have to admit that staying entirely at home does actually feel a little weird right now and I believe that it simply hasn't sunken in yet that this is what I am doing right now......like........as a job :D

Anyways besides all the weirdness I have to get used to now I am soooooooo crazy happy to be doing this and looking forward for everything that's going to happen next. Especially now that I have more time to paint I will be busting my dick (thanks to Brad Rigney for that expression) to REAAAAAAAAAALLY step up my game, finally working at my full potential.
One thing I will be doing from now on again is daily studies and especially lifepainting, which due to work I haven't been really focusing on the last months. Damnit I'm so pumped :)
Also (dunno if I mentioned this earlier) I ahve started working for Applibot so stay tuned for some legend of the cryptids stuff  but for now here are the latest studies!!

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