Freitag, 8. März 2013


Daaaaamn I have no Idea when the last time was I actually painted a "real" study.
Basically what I want to tackle is more architectural drawing but not loosing the painterly style of the painting itself. I know I can do a pretty decent job when I go all lasso-tool on architectural stuff which is cool for conceptart but really not my taste at all as far as style is concerned when it comes to Illustration. Right now however, whenever I try to be loose and painterly with architecture the painting just gets a mess, and in most cases I lose the perspective alltogether making the entire thing just wrong.

So YEA lets tackle this!! Aaaaaaaaaand since John Singer Sargent was a friggin master at that alla prima architecture stuff I want to do a bunch of studies first trying to understand the process itself and then move on to photostudies trying to apply what I have learned there first and eventually ending up doing stuff from my head.
Thats the plan, here we go: Around 2 hours in photoshop:

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