Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

100 followeeeeeeeeeeeers wooooooot

oooooooooooooh awesome! Today I hit 100 followers on this blog, thanks so much for being interested in what I am doing here :)

So while I don't have any special fancy stuff to give away for that occasion I figured some of you might like seeing the PSD file of yesterday's game of thrones speedpaint.

I usually don't work on that many layers at all (actually I work only on one layer for thsi kind of work) but in order tho show the process a little bit I hit the "new layer" - button whenever I felt like it.

So yea if you like to see how I typically work, go check it out. here's the downloadlink :)

OOOOOOH and while I do put up PSD every now and then I don't upload all of the PSDs in here, so if you see a study or speedpaint you'd like to see the PSD file of and I haven't uploaded it yet, please feel free to drop a line in the comments and you shall have it!

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  1. Sweet sassy molassy, thanks for the DL. I loved your painting, have to check it out : K