Dienstag, 4. September 2012


oooooooooooooh I'm baaaack :O
what has happened,? As I already announced I moved into a new appartment which is really cool and today I finally got my internet connection.
So now new appartment, everything feels so different although my old one is only about 3kilometers away from here :D . Still changing up things like that somethimes really helps to get a new perspective on everything and kinda motivates to make new plans, getting things forward. Especially because as I already mentioned a couple of times the main reason for my move was to get a small and cheap place to make fulltime freelancing a little easier, so in some way this is also quite a big step forward towards my goals. Also after my short break from all this freelancery just taking time to sketch and experiment I want to get back on track with it. I have to figure out though how to make time for personal experimenting time besides my fulltime studiojob AND my freelance stuff because I really do think that this few weeks of just doing nothing but playing around have helped me a lot not only with figuring out what I actually want to do and HOW I want to do it.

Soooooo here we go, what I wanted to do is try to apply the stuff I liked about my experimental shiiiit to some finished work and kind of test it and whaaaaaat better way could there be than to do it with some world of warcraft Illustration :D

...SO yea I took the WoW Character Baron Rivendare and played around with him and this is what happened. Ah on my search for reference I noticed that there seem to be several takes on the design of his armor, so I took some tiiiiiny liberties here and there as well :)

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  1. Awesome stuff, great job Christof. Been meaning to do some wow fan art for a while now myself. I know their art style is sacred but I would love to see some of the card art go down this route once in a while. More please!