Sonntag, 12. August 2012

new stuff that happened on the playground

heeey, just a quick update.

Still in play/experimenting mode and having huuuge fun with it. Have been dicking around with this one for the last two days in between all that moving-excitement thats going on right now. So everytime I was fed up with packing stuff, and painting the walls of my old appartment to make it nice and clean for the people moving in here after me, I sat down and played with it for a bit. SO much fun, and I am learning a ton, it's just crazy the stuff you discover when you make a 180 degree turn and start seeing things differently. Also I was trying to push that new approach into a more "illustrative" direction. So all in all around 6 hours, no ref.
Since i worked mostly on one layer with this one I did not upload the PSD but the fullres jpg. instead.
See you next time!

OOOOOh and while I am here: I also started a tumblr, with personal stuff and random fancieness I like, check it out, follow me, reblog my stuff and so on :)


3 Kommentare:

  1. Hello ! I come from the DA community thanks to the link you put in the description of this image.
    I'm glad you have a blogspot, so I can become a member (or follower) of your site. ^^

    I like the lighting and the pose of the lancer/hunter.

  2. no idea how often i already said this, but: one of you bestEST works right now i guess, looks really different from what you do normally! i like it!

  3. the lighting in this piece is really good! love it...
    btw, just followed your tumblr!