Dienstag, 31. Juli 2012


As I said in my last post I want to post more scribbles and experiments and stuff like that in here no matter how I feel about it..........soooo yea I think I am bound to post this one as well then :D

So this was all about the light going on there, obviously the perspective is totally busted but honestly I did not give a shit about it for now haha, there were more important things in this one.
I haaaaaaave to say though that with this method of working, painting really tight perspective and architecture is still a miracle for me, just as far as the process is concerned. Again its all about barriers in the head and fear, just wrapping your mind around that something kinda "rigid" like architecture can be tackled in a loose way just like a portrait or any organic objects. And as always this will be a matter of just doing it a lot.

What else? I think I already ranted about this but I am still in the middle of the process on how I go about making images. I have always been able to just sit down and render soemthing to death, pushing it more and more, but the mroe I did this teh more I hated it, even if I felt that it is something that I would be good at. So this 180° turn I am doing right now is reaaaaaaaaaally hard but I want it so much, maybe at the end of that road I can finally start getting a bit happier with where I am going with my paintings :D

Also one thing that I am noticing that for me it is waaaaaaay harder to paint "this way" when doing a study than when I am working from imagination. It proves to be really hard to "redesign" an existing picture like in a photo so I tend to mess things up as far as .......well everything is concerned. When I work from my head it seems to be easier for me to make my priorities clear and use everything there is (color, value, edges bla bla) to get this across. I will try to push this aspect more when I do Photostudies like this in the future. And because this process is so rooted in classical painting I will definitely be doing many many masterstudies and hope that I might get something out of them as far as process itself is concerned :)

Oh and for everyone who's interested, here's the PSD:

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