Sonntag, 29. Juli 2012

ouuu another weigh-in

Hey everyone,

Well to be honest, I don't really have anything that would be worth showing, and these two turds are no exception to that but I figured since my last deathline-challenge weigh-in is already 3 months ago (WTF?!?! Time is so crazy!) I might as well fill this blog with another caffeine induced rant.

Sooo whats new and at least a bit new and interesting??
First "big" thing is that I am actually moving to be able to  fullfil my most important goalwhich still is be be fulltime freelancing by the end of 2012. So I will be moving from my niiiice and biiiiig (and therefore expensive) appartment into a small shitty one in order to save up more money and thus make the beginning of my freelance career easier by simply reducing the bills I need to pay. Turns out however that finding a little appartment in Berlin is not thaaaaat easy because you are mostly competing with students and god knows there is a shitload of them here :D So yea I am still searching and hope that things will work out soon because looking for appartments is annoying as fuck!!

As far as personal work is concerned I still do a LOOOOOOOOOOT of sketching and experimenting with pretty much everything. I am glad that drawing in my sketchbook has become a part of my daily routine again, just feels sooo good. I don'T show too much of that stuff because most people don't understand that doing that kind of stuff is not about making pretty pictures, so the self-concious asshole in me kinda refuses to post all that stuff. I am still not sure if this is actually a bad character trait which needs to be fought since a part of me just things that I should post all that shit just top be present on the internetzzz but another (at the moment stroneger part) sees all those badass artists out there who post "sketches" which just frigging blow my mind :D

So for now to justify this little rant, here are the digital sketches from this weekend. No pretty pictures, just failed experiments :D
If you still care to take a closer look, feel free to download the PSD files:

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