Samstag, 9. Juni 2012


Hey everyone.
yea it's been a while since the last post. The reasons for that being that I am pretty busy with freelance right now which is pretty cool, since slowly but surely my jobs are getting better and I am actually starting to work for companies nowand hope that I can keep working for them getting steady work. The second reason is that I also took it a bit more easy and actually tried to "live a live" for the last two weeks instead of just working. Weeeeeeeeell turns out that this probably wasn't the best idea (to keep it short) so now I'm back to just work again I guess.
So without further blabla, here is a quick terrible sad man from imagination and a painting that I started but which will never be finished unfortunately :/
See you next time!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Hey awesome work man!
    Where did you buy your skull? Im looking to buy one for personal studies myself.

  2. Hey Kidane!
    Thanks a lot! There are tons and tons of sites where you can buy anatomical models (not only for artists but also for medical uses) Amazon has some nice skulls as well, this one

    looks a lot like the one I got for example

  3. i've got one from amazon for about 30-40 €, which is alright i guess ;)

    ...reading between the lines on this one makes me sad :/ keep your head up!

  4. yea Skulls are kinda weird, you can get a decent one for 20 Bucks on amazon but there are also SKulls around for 600 $ ( where even the material feels like real bone and all that fancy shit). In the end it's just important that it is a simple cast of a real skull and not some kind of toy-thing for children and you should be fine with a cheap one.

    Dario- Well yea time to get up one the feet again and move on I guess, things will be fine :)