Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

sucking on it!

hey hey heyy.

Nothing fancy this time, just a few small skull studies. Basically trying out different stuff on each of those. teh first two are pretty quick, around 30mins-1hr maybe, the last one around 2 hours.

So yea not doing much more than experimenting right now. Its funny how it always gets back to basick sucking each time when you try a new approach. Like I painted that skull in the past a few times and they were all actually better than that last one for example, it's weird. It's kind of like the test if you're willing pushing through shitty times in order to achieve improvement, pretty cool!

I also uploaded the PSD for the last one, check it out if you like! I kept all the layers for the different steps, also this one is pretty big but I never see the point downloading lowres PSD files from other artists just to check out how they arrange the layers, I'm always interested in seeing how stuff is actually painted and that only works with the fullres thing


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