Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Sick of it yet? yeaaaaaaaa me neither!


some more skulls for you, one from imagination, the other one from life.

Its kinda strange painting those in that dim daylight conditions. They have that yellowish chalky color and the walls in my room have pretty much the same color, so when that cold windowlight hits the skull and the room all the shadows tend to get that weird muddy greenish color and only in the areas where there is a lot of subsurfacescattering going on you get that warm yellowish glow. It looks really strange and is quite a challenge to get right in a painting, but funfunfun, prepare for more!!As always the PSDs are online for you to look into.
One thing I have also been kinda experimenting with is this trying to find out how dark stuff needs to be painted in order to make the light read correctly. haha wow that sounds weird especially if you don't know what I am talking about :D The thing is that in paintings, the lightest it gets is white, but in reality light is muuuch more intense, so in order to make bright highlights read like bright light in a painting, everything that surrounds it must be dimmed to get that effect. Really really challenging to get that right and I definitely still haven't got it, so be prepared for moooore skulls :D

 From life, around 1,5 hours. PSD:

From Imagination, around  45minutes PSD:

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