Dienstag, 1. Mai 2012

Halfway through

wheeeeeeew so here we are half a year of the crimson daggers deathlinechallenge officially passed, so I figured it would be appropriate to update this thing.

Actually I spent quite some time thinking aout what to ramble this time but then decided not to, maybe later :)
So for now here'S  a new personal piece I've been working on the last few days. Kinda trying to apply what I got out of that atmospheric perspective stuff, which turns out to be huuuuuuge fun, especially because I see so much more potential to push this. So yea be prepared to see some more big stuff in the distance- things in the near future :D

Maybe one short thing that kind of really got to me these days. About a week ago I got my first spectrum book ever. I always knew they were out there but I actually never got one myself to look into it. Well that stuff just friggin blew my mind, the amount of awesome work is just crazy.
ONe very specific thing that kinda caught me was that no matter how many awesome artist they are in that book (and there are a shitload of people whose names I already knew) all that stuff is kind of unique and every artist is recognizable as being himself even if the subject matters of the paintings themselves are pretty similar to each other being fantasy work. This kind of got me thinking because it brought up that whole thing of style and about how important it is and how much you should look for it in your own stuff. Now that being said I didn't really figure that out to be honest but one thing I want to do is to actually try and dig even deeper into the stuff I like as far as subject matter is concerned but also as far as to HOW to paint is concerned. I want to try to go more after a process that I really enjoy as opposed to pursue something thats concidered sucessful and good looking.
Looking forward to see where it takes me, one thing is for sure, it's a shitload of fun!

OOOOOOOOH and one important thing for the deathline:
As maybe some of you might remember one of my goals was to save up 7000 bucks in order to be able to fullfill my banks contract which gave me that loan for my one year of artschool. Since I basically flunked out they demanded all the money at once instead of giving me the possibility to pay it off the normal way.
Well it turns out that they seem to have made up their minds and will let me to pay off my credit in rates as "normal", so instead of saving up a shitload of money I am allowd to pay them 150 bucks a month, which really takes of a crazy amount of pressure of my chest and actually allows me to focus on real important things in order to achieve my main goal. So yea wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Excuse the typos I am tired as fuck :D

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