Donnerstag, 19. April 2012


UUUUH yeeaaa that's right, look at that shit, I changed some stuuuuuuff over heeeeere mmmmh~~ aaaaaah~~~ *points at images right over that post*

Yepp I thought that bar with the pagenames on it looked kinda shitt and was probably too subtle for anybody to notice in the first place, soooo now we have pretty picture-links insted of lame links, there we go!!

As you have probably noticed by now I have also included an download-section in here. In the course fo time I will fill it up with reference archives, brushpacks and PSD files of bigger personal Illustrations and hopefully much much moore.
In order to avoid confusion though I won't put the links to the psd fiels of my studies in there, they will still come with each individual post.

Now to the update: Since I don't have any work right now aparently (hahah yea....) I have plenty of time to do studies again and because I want to get more into environments I started doing studies on those. I wanted to especially study atmospheric perspective effects because as it turns out that stuff is waaay more complex then i thought. When I started these I basically thought that it might just work to put a light layer of "skycolor" over each "layer" of landscape incresing the opacity as stuff gets farther away. Well this actually migt work quite nicely with quick sketches and speedpainting probably but it is really not the way stuff works as I am finding out right now, which gets obvious when stuff needs to be put to a certain level of finish.The way color behaves as stuff gets further and further back into space is quite complex actually and it is absoulutely neccessary to study it in order to experience what happens to color and value.
So yea I started with simple color and valuestudies, these are very quick ones, probably not longer than one hour each. The key to these for me was to avoid rendering but getting the overall impression and more importantly: trying not to colorpick in my own image to blend colors but to force myself to select each color individually to actually see what happens to each local color as it recedes in space. In some of these I decided to smoothen out some stuff at the end to push that atmospheric effect even some more. BUT and this is fascinating: if the values and colors are accurate you don't even need blending as in softening the shit out of edges, because stuff will blend on its own if it's painted correctly.

Sou yea enough talk, I uploaded the fullres PSD files of those, the links are below the pictures AAAAAAAAAAND I uploaded a reference pack of some highres landscape pictures focusing especially on strong effects of atmospheric perspective :) check them ouuuuuut!!

More stuff to come tomorrow!




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