Dienstag, 3. April 2012

Another Month over, whew...

Hey guys.
YAY one more update, this time with a new portfoliopiece I have been working on the last two weeks or so inbetween work and comissions.

So before anybody asks (yea lets pretend anybody cared :D) this is Magic the Gathering FANART!!

The whole ponit behind that is actually that I want to take that entire "do the jobs you want to work on NOW" thing more seriously in order to actually hit the requirements for the Jobs I wanna do in the near future. So since Wizards of the coast are definitely on my list I decided that I might as well start with some fanart. Now I do have to say that I am not at all an expert on all the characters of Magic the gathering, so I have no idea how accurate that Illustration actually is as far as content is concerned. All I know that the character I wanted to paint, in this case Chandra basically SEEMS to me to be able to kick some serious ass, so that's what I wanted her to do in this Illustration. Thats basically it as far as the thought is concerned. Soooooooo if there are some of you out there who actually are very fond of all the Characters and are about to rip my head off because maybe Chandra would never do something like that, please bear with me, I just like to paint stuff thats fun :D

that was the prologue to this post :)

Now, because ANOTHER month has already passed by I figured to do another weigh in as far as my deathline challenge is concerned which is mainly focused on becoming a fulltime freelance Illustrator:

If you kind of follow this blog you might remember last month's weigh-in where I was really happy how this whole freelance thing took off after just two months. This month wasn't as good. To speak clearly: in February I basically made as much money freelancing as I do with my studiojob right now. In March, I made 200 Bucks, which is .......not as much :D Now there are a few reasons for that actually. The main reason being that in Febraury I made almost all my money with what you would consider "shitty jobs" which means a lot of small jobs with very low pay and not as much fun to do. I would have had the opportunity to do this in March as well, but I didn't take on these jobs in order to be able to work some more on my portfolio, so that I can do better work for better money. I do have to say, however that right now, because I am not necessary in need of the extra money because I do work fulltime at a studio I let the fun decide if I take on a job or not. On the other hand however, I want to pay off that one year of artschool I attended until July (another thing on my deathlinegoals list)), so I might actually go back to shitty jobs in April, gonna think about that a bit. For now I am just happy that I could actually find some time to think about where I want to go with my portfolio and that I had time to work on it as well. I really think that this kind of work does Push my portfolio into the right direction and more towards things that will eventually figure themselves out on their own. Something I'm a big fan of lol :D

Before wrapping up that monthly rant, I just wanna point out that I've been working on that blogsite for a liiiiiiiiittle bit, if you haven't noticed already, right above this post you're now able to reach my portfolio + my livestreamchannel directly on this site, what makes things for me way easier so that I don't have to sent people to a hundret different sites :)

I guess that's all for now, I hope you like that new piece, I had crazy fun painting it, and I sure learned a ton this time again :)

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  1. Looks good man! Not sure if this is going to be a piece that you'll send to wizards or not, but if it is, make sure you put in a background! From what I've learned, they really like to see characters and events taking place in a definitive environment. Good luck with getting work man, I'm in the same boat!