Sonntag, 18. März 2012

some liiiines

Hellou guys.

Hell yea 2 updates in two days :D

and yeaaaaa I'm not death-tired today so be prepared for more text you can ignore :D

First of all, check out whats right above that post: This blog now has officially TWO pages, one for the normal blogstuff and another one for my portfolio. To be honest I didn't even know that you could do that until today, but having my blog and my portfolio on one site is awesome, so that I don't have dto juggle who I'm gonna send which URL when they want to see my site.

Actually I had quite some time the last weeks for personal work but I didn't show anything because 99% of the personal stuff I've been doing was me trying to get into linedrawing again....I mean like REAL linedrawing using pen and paper and stuff like that (YEA I'm serious!!)
So long story short: that stuff has been fucking KILLING me! Not bein able to erase is one thing but forcing myself to think in terms of lines again is incedibly hard. It's kinda funny how knowing the structure of something you wanna draw and actually bein able to put the lines down in a visually pleasing way are two veeeeeeeeeery different things (my god SO different)
So in order to push my linestuff a bit more I decided to actually draw a digital linedrawing for the first time eeeever whih was craazy fun, definitely gonna do more fo that!
One thing thats also interesting is that even if the progression with my pendrawings is preeetty slow (although it's definitely getting better) I have been surprised how easy doing this digital drawing was just because I was able to actually erase and trim lines so that they look nice(er).

This being said thats basically it :) Just two more things:

One advice if you want to do digital linedrawings: Work as big as you possibly can, the higher the resolution you work in is, the easier it gets to get nice fluid lines (and I'm not nitpicking here, the difference is HUGE)
So consequently this linedrawings original sice is fairly big (around 9000 x 7000 pixel). So even if this is pretty big it doesn't kill tooooo much ram (admittedly I do have 12 gigs but you should be fine with less) since you're using pretty small brushes most of the time.
I got that advice from one of  Feng Zhu's videos on youtube, and it really makes sense: The smalles brush you will use needs to be at least around 6-10 pixels big in order to enable photoshop to actually smoothen the brush in itself. So if you use a brush that's smaller than that the line will get really ugly. In order to avouid that make sure that the smalles brush you will ever use on your draawing won't be smaller than 10 pixels, hence the big documentsize

The second thing is that again I uploaded the fullres PSD file with some of the layers intact. I had to put it in a rar file though since you can only upload up to 200 mb on mediafire without having a premium account. SO if you'd like to zoom aaaaaaaaaaaaaall the way in feel free to download it.

And if you like it PLEEEEEEEEEEASE feel free to share the shiiiit out of that link :)

So thats all dudes and dudettes (yea no worries I will shot myself in the face for that), see ya soon :)

OOOOH and now that I think of it, if you want you can of course give it a shot and slap some colors on her. I will do that too as soon as I have some time. It just would be sweet if you could credit me as the dude who did the drawing though :) So yea show me what you come up with! :D

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