Samstag, 17. März 2012


Hey guuuys,

finally a tiny update to keep this thing alive.

First of all thank you guys for downloading the PSD of the last study I posted. I got around 300 downloads on that one, "normaly" 10 downloads in total would be like the maximum I'd get.
It's really supercool for me that you seem to like that stuff and I'll definitely keep posting my PSD's.

Soooooo I've been pretty busy with clientwork the last weeks again but it'S getting a little less, which is actually not that bad since I have finally time to do some personal stuff again to imporve my portfolio and also to just do stuff I really enjoy painting :)

So here's a little zombieknightsketch I did today while waiting for clients to respond. I really wanna get much more into speedpainting and actually experimenting, trying to find stuff out on my own.
Now, without more blabla here's the sketch and teh link to the PSD file.

Ah and one more thing that's kinda obvious but I think I haven't said it before so I'm gonna do it now:

If you download the PSDs and actually enjoy them please feel free to share the links as well whereever you want, deviantart, facebook, twitter, whatever, just get that stuff out there, that would be reaaaaally awesome! :)

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