Samstag, 3. März 2012

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Heeey everyone.
Just a quick update, cause I'm crazy tired and I don't even know what I am writing anymore.
Due to a lot of work I haven't been able to do a lot personal work lately but today I actually managed to do a study for the next portfoliopiece I'm workng on.
I am also getting more and more into pen and paper sketches lately, and although all that stuff looked TERRIBLE at the beginning things are finally starting to look better again (jeez it really freaked me out that I have besically unlearned drawing after doing so much digital stuff :D)

Also some lines on the deathline:
Things keep getting better, which is really cool. As far as freelance is concerned I can say that I am pretty much booked out till at least the end of march doing illustration and rather small marketing work. But all in all moneywise March will be even better than February. Right now I am still figuring out how far I can go as far as pricing is concerned, seeing how far I can push it. and without talking about numbers I can say that things are getting really nice there as well :)
I am also noticing that I am getting faster and faster with each Illustration I do, which actually blows my mind becaus egetting a working-routine kinda always was the thing I ahve been struggeling the most with. So yeah thats basically it.

I uploaded the fullres PSD file with all the layers included (quite a bunch this time) on my mediafire account. So if you wanna check it out, download it.

Oh and one last thing: Lady on this Picture, if you happen to see that Study of you, please marry me!

Ok I'm really tired, see you guys :D

PSD file:

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  1. love this one! good god. the psd file is pretty huge! 0_0

  2. Thanks for sharing your .psds and other ressources, quite interesting stuff! The portrait is really lovely :)

  3. Greetings…
    First of all, love your work. You capture so much ‘life’ with your art.
    Secondly, I am the author of a book, Heir of Nostalgia, book one of the Valerian Series. As a follow-up to my first book, my main characters are a brother and sister, almost two years apart but look like twins, blond hair, elfin features, crystal blue eyes.

    ‘Looking up, he was startled to see two slight figures standing before him, both pale-haired and blue-eyed.
    At first glance the boy and girl could easily be mistaken for twins, except the boy was older by more than a year at least, and the girl probably a little younger then he himself was, probably eleven or twelve.
    Seems he’d found his ‘new’ next-door neighbors after all.
    Catching his breath he managed to stumble to his feet, his eyes sweeping across the girls elfin like features and delicate lips. Now he knew what fine china looked like, a term his mom liked to use.
    At the moment the girls face was framed in under a pale blue stocking cap, drawn down tight, wisps of errant blond straying from underneath. All in all, she stood a good hands length shorter than her brother, who looked the exact same way as she did, minus the delicate lips of course. His eyes also seemed, ‘wiser’ somehow.’

    I saw your latest on Digital Art Inspiration, Portrait Study, and thought, wow, this is ‘my girl’ in her middle to late teens… I was shocked and amazed. (You drew her exactly how I imagined her to look like, including her ‘personality’)

    What I am asking is this, was this drawing done of someone real? Secondly, would you be willing to let me use or reference, or otherwise, point back to your work in reference to my second book?

    Thanks again for your time…