Samstag, 18. Februar 2012


GHAHAHA finally back :D

Sorry for not posting in such a long time but I actually have been crazy busy with work. Freelance is getting better and better and I am slowly starting to get better jobs. Actually  this month I will be the first time that I get more money from freelance than from my dayjob at the studio. SO this is pretty sweet considering that I am officially trying to get freelance work for only three months now.All in all things are developping really nicely over here :)
I have no friggin Idea how but I have managed to actually do a personal piece as well, so here we go!

What can I say, I just friggin LOOOOVE Darksouls, especially the visuals and the overall style. Unfortunately I had to realize that due to work I pretty much wont be able to play this game ever again :D SO I decided to do some fanartsy stuff instead, starting with this Zombieknight dude!
Sooou I actually plan to do some more of these (the original file is HUUUGE - about 1 meter tall- because I want to print them and pimp my studiowalls with them :) ) So if you want to see some more Darksouls themed fanart, tell me which design you would like to seen painted by me, and I miiight give it a shot :)
So that's it for now, cya guys :)

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  1. Awesome picture! And my favorite enemy in the game nonetheless!

    I would like to see an Onionknight painting from you, I thought his armor was really cool.