Samstag, 14. Januar 2012


Helllooooooou guys.
here we go with a new study update. there are three 20 minute Masterstudies and one 5 hour study.
For all of you who think that these 20 minute studies are senseless, I'm sorry to bother you :P
I think, however, that they help imensly at least for what I want to get out of it. Like right now my study focus will be to actually learn how to "build up" an image and how to imply details. What I mean by that is that I think I know how to render the shit out of stuff, I get better at it constantly and I believe it comes pretty easy to me. What I really do struggle with is the very beginning stages of a painting, like blocking in values and colors. I don'T have problems with it because I cant do it but because I am afraid to just throw them down, so I tend to do clean lines and filling them in which tends to end up with me getting caught up with rendering waaaay to soon slowing down the process immensly.
So what I want to do now is to just get over it by forcing myself to work differently.
Soooooo to start out I decided to actually work from paintings because it makes things a little easier because in some cases you can actually see how it is build up, which you can't do with photos.
So the next step will be the same exercise but with photos and lastly from yeah that'S the plan :)
here we go!

AAAAAAAH no stop. one more thing: I actually recorded the entire process of the more detailed masterstudy on livestream, so you can go and check out the recordings on

I will be streaming daily right now, so if you want to check out my streams while I actually record add me on twitter or facebook to stay updated.

I also uploaded the fullres PSD file

Check it ooout:

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