Montag, 16. Januar 2012



another livestreamstudy :)

Wow things are getting toough, I'm at the point right now where it becomes really hard to squeeze in personal work, since freelance is catching up pretty nicely. And even if it's a good thing I gotta figure out how to make more time for studies to get better and finally for personal portfoliowork, well we'll see.

Now on to todays study. Finally after probably many months I have finally done a lifestudy and it was wicked fun!
Now I don'Ttwant to sound arrogant or corny or something like that but when I did these masterstudies and that last photostudy I kinda had the feeling that this stuff was too easy, like I was just painting it and at some point it was finished, it was fun to paint but there was literally no struggle doing them.
SO I decided to step it up and do some lifestuff and look at that shit, I COMPLETELY butchered this study, painting this shit was so hard and I was sitting there while painting it not knowing what to do next,  and all that stuff.

And this is a great thing, because now I know what I can't do again, I know what kind of experience I am lacking to improve my personal work that I do from imagination, this is just the best fucking feeling in the world
right now :) WOOT. I'm just imagining doing livestudies every day for a month now and just thinking about how much it will help me to improve makes me feel all fuzzy :D

Soooooo heres that shitskull, around 1,5 hours + the psd file, next one tomorrow :)
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