Sonntag, 8. Januar 2012

277 days left

sooo yeah 2012, THE year! I already love it :)
So I'm finally back home, after quite a long vacation but since I really don't see my family that often at all I don'T feel too bad about taking off so much time.
I did quite a bunch of sketchbook stuff the time I was away but I don't think I am going to upload it here simply because I am a lazy piece of shit and scanning all this would take too much time away.
So without much more blabla here's the next Repin study. This one was so much fun it's crazy, and I think I could take away quite a bit concerning color and brushwork.
One thing that I would really love to get into and get decent in is all that colorvariation in these traditional paintings. (take a look at the original painting to see what I mean). When painting with traditional media it's pretty easy (technically speaking) to get all that colorvariation going, when looking at repins rougher paintings one thing you see often is that even individual brushstrokes have multiple colors in them. GEtting this is easy, since you simply dip your paintbrush in two colors and put down careful strokes, doing this in digital media is actually really hard and as far as I'm seeing it right now pretty impossible to do the same way you would with oilpaint (colorvariation settings are pretty cool but don't give you that effect).
I think I managed it pretty well to get this effect in the background, but I got to this using a  bunch of masks, creating a new layer smacking some messy colors on it, masking it out and repainting it in some areas using "traditional" using brushes. While this technique is pretty cool for backgrounds and stuff like that I personally don't see how to actually paint faces like this, in addition to that this technique was used on a already painted surface, so it's not more than that typical "digital" adding of texture and not something that I would consider painting :)

sooooooo yeah quite a bunch of stuff to think about, gonna see what I can do next :)

Edit: one more for today :)

soooo one more for today. In case some of you know the original painting: YEEEEEEEEEEEAH I killed the Hand, I'm lazy, fuck you ! ;P

hehe so yeah not much to say, basically all this is is experimenting, playing with stuff and maybe find something I can use in personal stuff :)

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  1. im not sure its possible to replicate traditional media in photoshop. Have you tryed using painter? Nice sketches!