Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2011

hi Everyone,
so here we go, the last update in 2011, nothing fancy, since I didn't have much time for personal work last week becasue I was basically just finishing off comission work.
Basically there's not too much to say in this post becasue everything thats relevant for the next year has been said so far, it will be all about the deathlinechallenge, focusing on improving my portfolio, getting more work and stuff like that.
Until now things are in general going pretty well, slowly but surely the exposure I get through my work is catching up, attracting more people, which might hopefully have something to do with me gearing my portfolio more towards "commercial" stuff mixed with what I like about it the most and hopefully also because my work itself is getting better, at least I try to improve it :D.
One thing I want to take care of now is managing my comissions, getting better payed jobs. My situation right now is that the amount of joboffers is kind of decent, but these are all not very well paying jobs, so even if I took on all the comissions people want me to do (last month for example I got around 10 comission offers) it would just barely enable me to make a living out of it. So what I basically want to do is actually try to actively go for better payed jobs instead for only letting people contact me. For example I really would like to get into making book covers, managing that would be a huuuuge step into the direction I want to go with my work.

Other than that my main focus concerning the studies I do will be head and faceconstruction as well as how to paint them decently (meaning not rendering the shit out of them until something somehow finally works but actually learn to paint :D) and being able to create more complex character based illustrations.
So to get to the artwork itself here'S the first masterstudy tackling that subject, and yeah, it failed terribly, like everything does for the first time :D
So this is a study of a repin-[I]sketch[/I] I would say which I did because it simply amazes me how simple it was and how real it looked nevertheless. You can check out the painting itself, it'S just NUTS how much he looses in the face, making entire features just melt into shadow, and still, if you zoom out this thing looks like a photograph (even better).
This is the kind of quality or better said the kind of thing I want to get to know better in the next month or two: learning what can and what has to be left out when painting faces :)

AS I said, that's the last post this year, I now gonna visit my family over the holidays for the next two weeks, which will unfortunately unable me to paint digitally at all, but I will defininitely keep up with my schedule for the most part doing pencilstudies, which is what I need the most right now nevertheless.

So thats it, happy holidays and take care, guys, see you next year! That stuff is just starting there, wooooooooot!!!

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  1. Nice study man! I hear ya bout getting those better paying jobs. Good luck with it, your work keeps getting better!

  2. Thanks man. yeah this will definitely be the big challenge of 2012, lets see where I can push it :D