Samstag, 3. Dezember 2011

333 days leeeft

hi guuuys, just a qucik scribbly update to compensate for not updating yesterday. SO this is actually my last armor study before jumping into my personal piece trying to use what I've learned. SO this one is crazy quick, maybe 20 minutes, focusing to get down the most important stuff as quickly as possible. and I think it actually worked really good, because all that's left is to basically just fleshing things out, there'S practically nothing really "wrong" with it.
Stuff like that always reminds me on what craig mullins said, that a sketch should be just as finished as a completely polished painting, it should be just a less refined version of it. This is actually everything I've been trying to do the last weeks, and I strongly feel that this is really starting to work out and I think this will be the key to getting startted intp the direction I want to go with my work :)

Oh and quite a bunch of people asked me about where I got my reference from for those knights I decided instead of being a  dick and tell you to just use fucking google to invest 2 minutes of my time, packing the pics into an archive and upload it, so here you go. SO get it, there are even nude chicks wearinga rmor in it (man there are some real weird fetishes out there outside my workroom)

here you go:

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  1. Yeaaa do a ton of these quick ones! And thanks for the refs ;)

  2. hey man, yepp these are just wicked fun, problem is I think I have already painted every knight on the internet :D