Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2011

325 days left - weigh in

hi guys, some kind of rather boring update today but since I've been into the deathline challenge for roughly 5 weeks now I figured that it might be time to actually look back, seeing where I have failed, where I have succeeded and where my goals already might have shiftet.

So what went well?
One of the first things I did in november was to get everything set up with the tax office so that I am legally allowed to get additional income through freelance work by january 2012. This point was actually the first thing that gave me a little freakout because it might actually be that I get into trouble with the taxoffice if I don't achieve the amount of additional income I had to kinda guess in advance in 2012. So at this point it was clear that I was not allowed to fail, like at all :D

I actually got used to my rather crazy sleepschedule which basically means 6 hours of sleep each night in order to be able to work for at least 7 hours after my 8 hour dayjob every day. I feared that this amount of work would totally destroy me but surprisingly after the first week felt like dying I am now feeling way mroe healthy than before, I hope it stays that way :)

I started getting a bit of freelance work mostly through the jobsection here in the forums, which is supercool because I got way more offers than I would have expected. Within these 5 weeks I got 8 private-comission joboffers which is really cool.

After some struggle I did also start to overcome one more personal goal about which I don't want to talk about yet :P

So what went bad??
I still feel that I didn't balance the amount of work of studies/personal work/comissions well enough not getting the perfect focus, So I will be working on that

There is one big personal decision I really need to make, which I couldn't get past the last few weeks :
It's the question if I should move into a smaller(cheaper appartment in order to make the beginning of my freelace career smoother). Actually the answer would be quite simple because the only things that kinda keeps me from doing it are the facts that I just moved in 9 months ago, and put quite a bunch of money into renovating my apartment, and the fact that I just enjoy living in a place with mroe than enough room for me and my stuff. Moreover moving would have the advantage that I could save up even more money to start freelancing next year...
So this is the thing I am struggeling with right now quite a bit

So and last thing: which goals have changed?

Actually I amnaged to stay quite true to my goals in general, I changed the balance between studies and personal work towards doing way more personal work than studies or better said to do more focused studies to support my personal stuff.

One thing that I added to the goals list is kind of a personal thing which will help my art as well I believe:
I really want to get back into pencilsketching, and getting really good at it. Like I see so many guys whos sketchbooks are just soo awesome to look at and this is a skill I want to have as well, just for myself :)

In order to get to this goal, here are some sketchbook pages to get used to pencil and paper again (which is wicked hard).
So here are todays studies, half from ref, half from mind trying to apply what I've learned. I wanted to focus on torso foreshortening especially on the area around the trapecius since this part has been always crazy har for me to get right from memory. There are so many specific things going on there when the body is foreshortened depending on the position of the arms, it's crazy, but getting that area exactly right will convey space and form so much better than just bullshitting it.

OOOF long post, here are the shitstudies. Excuse the typos but typing that shit was exhausting enough, I dont want to correct it now  :D

hmm the ones from memory actually tend to look better than the reffed ones :D

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