Mittwoch, 16. November 2011



okay here we go again with the studies of the last two days. Although I got crazy sick I had a great weekend but kinda wasn't able to get anything done during the trainrides. So what I did the last two days was obviously more moviestills (geez game of thrones is jus amazing if you want to practice overcast lighting). as you can see I've switched up my method quite a bit as i got along, because I really wasn't happy with the "rubbery" look these studies get as the rendering gets tighter and adding textures would be an extra step which would just cost more time, which is fine for personal work  but when it comes to doing studies where time matters I figured that there must be a better sollution which adds a little more texture right in the beginning.So this is how I did the 4th study, which didn't take more time than the others but looks waaay better and more interesting. In the last two studies I wanted to just concentrate on color an basic proportion, so they are basically painted with a brush which almost hasn't got any pressure sensitivity, only a little fuzzieness to break the brushstrokes up a bit. SO the task was to try to pick the right color and put it down as it is without any rendering through blending but only through subtle value changes. This was huge fun and I probably learned the most out of the last three.
I also filled a few sketchbook pages doing some basic headconstruction but it turns out that my  shitty scanner is just too old to run with windos7 so I will have to take a few shots with my camera in daylight tomorrow
Soooooooo well these are the last moviestills for now since I think I might have absorbed enough to finally hit the new personal piece I had on my mind for quite some time now, on which I will start working tomorrow :)
I have also uploaded the psd files (unfortunately not exactly fullsize since they became just too big to upload, but the size is still pretty decent)

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