Samstag, 5. November 2011

Big things...

Hi everyone.
Finally another update and quite a long one as well (well textwise).
In April 2010 my lifesituation kinda sucked. The main factor for that was basically that I decided to go to artschool. A school which I couldn't afford so for wich I had to get a credit in order to be able to pay the monthly fee. It turned out however that the school sucked crazy hard so I found myself trapped there having to pay 350Bucks each month, money wich I didn't have and wich I would have to pay back eventually.
I desperately needed to change my life and so I decided to give myself a timespan of one year to work crazy hard to be able to make a living with art so that everything can be okay again.
Well and that's exactly what I did, in a course of a few months I practically learned hwo to paint digitally and by January 2010 I got a fulltime job as a conceptartist, and live in a great appartment in berlin basically not having to worry about anything.
But things need to go on. As much as an improvement my livingsituation right now is compared to one year ago things just need to go on. There are still a lot of things whcih I want to improve or simply change in order to become the best person of myself that I can possibly be living the best life I possibly can.

So it's on again. A few days ago i decided to give myself one year to reach new big goals I am dreaming of to improve myself in every way possible.
Coincidentally the crimson daggers started the "deathline challenge" just two days ago which is basically exactly this: give yourself a year to reach your crazy goals. To get more information just check out the livestream site and listen to the recording titeled "deathline challenge".

So the time is now, the goals are set, and there are quite a bunch of them. They actually all kinda relate or lead to each other but nonetheless there will be quite a crazy amount of stuff coming towards me which needs to be handeled. So here are my goals:

---By November 3rd 2012 I want to be a fulltime freelance artist able to completely earn a living with freelance work.---

Together with this there are a lot of other goals whcih need to be reached first and which will mark milestones to the big one:

I want to structure my Daily workingschedule as following: Due to my fulltime conceptartist job rightnow I do have to spend 8 hours of each day at work. After the workday I am going to work for at least 6 more hours doing studies and portfoliowork, so my schedule will be as following: Getting up at 6am, being at work until 4pm, being home at 5pm, deathlinechallenge-work till midnight

I want to get a broad base of internetpromotion going, trying to use every medium possible (my blog, communities(!!), livestreams etc) I want to start using the internet in every way possible to get my work out there

I want to devote serious time into actively searching for potential clients, getting a big list of companies I can apply to work for.

I want to get absolutely familiar with the business side of being a freelance artist (taxes and stuff like that)

I want to gear my portfolio more towards the kind fo work I WANT to work on

I want to save up 7500€ to be able to pay off the credit I had to take for the one year of artschool I attended so that I can pay it all back and close this shitty chapter in my live. So that I can start a live as a freelance illustrator without having to worry about things like this.

So there they are, all my goals to be reached in 365 Days, pretty overwhelming and to be honest I still do not really know HOW to exactly tackle some of these, but I do know that I will work harder then I ever have. Compared to this year the goals of the last one were crazy easy, at least from my perspective now.
So lets do this 365 days of pure hard work, and 3 have already gone by, so there are 362 left, time's running :)

Lets start with the work of the last 3 days, things are going great so far, I am able to keep up with my schedule, getting some serious stuff done and I am pumped as hell.

So heres a portrait of a fatass dude and todays Masterstudy. I wat to get better in portraits so there will be more of that stuff for the next weeks.
I have uploaded the PSD file of the Repin study with all the layers included, feel free to check it oooout :)

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  1. Well done, I realy missed your awesome disgusting fleshy fatass dudes :D
    This is the right thing 4 u.
    Good luck with your goals :)

  2. we have a similar schedule dude:D i'm curious how will you be in one year because you are pretty hard core right now! Good luck!

  3. Nice work man. Love the Schedule, go for it dude... do what you love. :)