Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

357 Days left

Hi guys, just a quick update with todays studies. First one is just a quick warmup thingy, second one the usual hardcore 2 hour portrait cranking. This is just getting better and better. another thing I noticed is that I am getting better at nailing the proportions right away (yeah that second dude actually had the craziest messed up face ever :D )
Another thing I did today in order to fullfill my one year goal was visiting the tax office to bother the nice ladies there with all my noob questions concerning freelancing and especially concerning freelancing while still having a fulltime job. I did that and now I am "officially" allowed to get income from freelance work without getting in trouble with the law as far as taxes are concerned.
So this was kinda a big psychological milestone for me right there, things are getting really serious, there's no way back. Due to some other tax related stuff (which I don't wanna explain right now, would just take way too long) this entire plan has actually become a "do or die"  situation, if I don't make it, I might be fucked pretty hard. Damn this stuff feels awesome! I am so pumped, it's just crazy :)

Oh and one other thing concerning this update. That first warmup thing sucks really really hard, and it kinda bothers me that everytime I am updating this thing here I tend to feel rather insecure about posting the shitstuff. I hate that, such a stupid egothing, I don't want to have anything to do with it anymore, so from now on I will just show every study I paint, in here. Studies are not supposed to be pretty pictures, they are actually meant to make room for failure and learning. A failed study teaches much more than a great looking one.

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