Freitag, 25. November 2011

341 days left

whew again one week passed by, jeez this goes so quick.

Soooooo well I didn't post any studies since I had to get some stuff outta the way which needed to be taken care of for some time now, so now that this is done I can focus on my goals and the deathlinechallenge again.
Also, I spend some time to reevalue my goals and actually realize that they probably weren't the best ones to reach the "big one", meaning being able to work fulltime freelance until november this year. Until now my plan was primarily to focus on studies improving my skills FOLLOWED by personal work, improving my portfolio. After thinking about it for a bit I came to the conclusion that for me right now, or even for everybody in general it might be a way better idea to handle this the other way arround which means focusing on personal portfolio work followed/supported by focused studies. I kinda feel that "studying" has become quite a strange thing on forums like and other communities in general. People and especially starting artists tend to focus exclusively on "studies" making them their comfortzone, completely neglecting the most important factor of actually using them to improve in work that is done from mind. I kinda found myself in that situation as well, not too heavily but just enough to realize that I just don't get as much out of them as I could.
So for me the new way I am gonna handle my personal goals will be to focus on personal work, followed by studies to improve my skills where it's needed the most to complete a piece of work.
With this piece I actually managed to turn the bad habit of mindless studying arround just in the right moment. So what I wanted to do was to actually apply all the stuff I've learned out ot the moviestills in a personal piece, without knowing what the personal piece would be the time I did them. But I think it worked out quite nicely in the end, and I really wan to get deeper into these overcast/rainy/snowy greyish lightschemes, it's just wicked fun to paint that stuff :)
Oh one thing I have been noticing as well is that my workflow is actually getting faster and faster, kinda strange that this is the first time that I am really figuring out ONE way to work, until now I have basically just been doing anything, figuring stuff out as the process proceeded. Feels kinda nice to actually have control over the process :D

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