Mittwoch, 24. August 2011


wow its crazy already almost 2 weeks since the last post. that shit is nuts! Time just flies by these days.
So uh nothing real tto say here, here's just a new personal piece I've been working on and off these days. I really try to hold myself back not to render everything and just let strokes stand where they are, getting this mroe painterly feel. I think the biggest danger is to get stuck in that step between having this loose painterly feel and a tight rendering, things just tend to get out of balance there.
Although I think I could loosen up here and there even a bit mroe, just focusing on what's really important but I think this si really going in a nice direction and this way of working is just insanely much fun and actually it speeds up the process quite a bit becaus eyou've got something "complete" pretty fast (well if you do it right :D ) and can go on working on stuff pretty much as you wish until you feel that enough work has been put into that. It's also amazing to see HOW fast you can get a certain mood and lighting situation down, and how fast you can eliminate so mcuh of the "dangerous" sruff like temperature relations, value patterns and so on and just keep on proceeding to enjoy the painting process itself.
Ah what can I say, painting is just the shit!! :D
see you next time guys and as always:

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