Dienstag, 9. August 2011

soooo since a waterpipe inside my bathroomwall broke last night and thus it got pretty much flooded, I had to take off one day of work in order to wait for a plumber to come over to repair this shit....
At least there's some more time to do studies while waiting :)
IN this piece I am actually just trying to see how far I can pull that sunset setting off from memory after having done these last 3 studies. I think its getting along pretty nicely although I could've tried making all that stuff going on in the distance and in the fog even more subtle.
I think however that it readss quite okay and that I can go into the "actual piece" now which hopefully is a little more exciting than this pain landscapes :) took about 2 hours I believe.

as always you can download the fullres PSD file heeere:

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