Montag, 8. August 2011


okay here are just the little after-work studies I did today, nothing fancy again.
It's pretty fascinating how friggin difficult it can be to "understand" and paint a lighting situation one hasn't painted before.
One thing which always amazes me is that no matter how much I have already painted, and how many studies I have made, trying to understand principles of light for example, the first times I try a new lighting situation I totally suck, like seriously every fucking time! It's (almost) as if all the stuff I've learned so far is close to being useless when starting something completely new. Take this studies for example:
I have never actually tried painting these typical sunsets until today (well one yesterday). However I do have painted a lot of overcast scenarios, a lot of bright sunlight scenarios, foggy landscapes, dark landscapes and I surely learned a ton doing these, understanding a lot of principles which are very useful in each and every new painting I make BUT all the stuff I learned almost exclusively is just usefull for these particular scenarios I just mentioned, there is really very little (at least for me) what I can take further and make use of when painting a sunset for example.
None of that stuff will teach me how to combine greys, oranges, yellows and even bright pink tones to get a beautiful sunset sky.
Now maybe that stuff is pretty obvious at first sight, but just thiink about what this means for an artist, for someone who wants to master the craft of painting.
For me, at least this really reveals HOW much there is to study and to learn in order to become "good" not even thinking about "mastering" any subject concerning painting or "art".
This fact, today, made me really sit in my chair just being in awe about the fact how much at the beginning I stil am and how mcuh more there is to learn, and I love it so much!

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