Donnerstag, 11. August 2011

hi guys!
new stuff coming. For some reason I am really into Dragons these days, don't even know why but the fact that they are just friggin awesome should be reason enough, right?
So here is one more, maybe as you can see I've tried to get the mood I practiced in these last little studies into this piece, which I think partly even worked out. Of course by far still not where I want it to be but I think this is going somewhere and for this piece I can say lesson learned :)
No ref used, about 15 hours (probably a bit less), Photoshop CS5

I uploaded tthe fullres PSD file for you to donload. To make the filesize not too huge (I thing 130 megs are enough) I merged some of the layers in order to keep the resolution as big as I worked on this one.

You can download it here :

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see you next time with the next dragon piece :P

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