Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011


Hey everybody. Has been some time, but since I am not on vacation anymore, things have been a little busy.
First of all, now you can also reach this blog via http://cgbrush.org . I gotta make sure to geta a "real" website soon, but since my webcoding skills are pretty wack, I gotta find somebody who'll do it for me and since money's a little low nowadays, this will just have to wait :)

On to some pictures. Here we have a little creepy chick portrait from mind and the two studies I did before I started working on it.
You can also download the fullres PSDs of teh studies, if you're interested. Unfortunately due to me really lame internet connenction over here livestreaming is a little difficult but I am gonna upload these PSD's nevertheless.
Here's the good ol' Mediafire link http://www.mediafire.com/?812b2y7j60njfab

yepp so that's it for now, soo you soon :)

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