Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

new livestreamstudy

Hi everyone!

Here we go with the next livestudy. This was definitey a lesson in choosing the right photo reference for painting.
I want to learn to see color /render from in very diffuse light situations where the values are reeeaaally close together and you basically have to render caring a lot about subtle color shifts.
While in the reference I used was a quite a lot of these colorshifts going on the values are reeally fucked up, basically just because the left side of the face is too overexposed to see any information there.
Nevertheess it was huge fun, and I learned a TON, mostly that I need to do more and more of that!
Oh and yeah, I only finished her face obviously, finishing the whole piece would've take too mcuh of my sleep :D

I am trying to do the livestreams on 9pm gmt +2 every day, so if you don't wanna wait for my announcements on twitter, just go check it out at that time. Here's the link again:

Soooo here we go, as promised I uploaded the fullres PSD :)

PSD link:

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