Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

more livestreaming

Hey guys!!

So here we go again, some more livestream PSDs for ya!
I've been doing these studies yesterday and today onmy regular livestream, so if you want to see some of the recordings, check out teh channel:

Due to some technical issues I am still trying to figure out the recordings are kinda weird gonna figure that out though.

Ah yeah and as always the reminder that I am announcing the streams on twitter, so feel free to check out my profile (link on teh right) and follow me :)

So here are the paintings. These are really quick colorstudies, trying to nail the colors right away, which is something I need to get better at quickly, so be prepared to get some more of those in the future :)

and the link to the rar file including all of the fullres PSDs :

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