Montag, 6. Juni 2011

First lifestream: DONE :D

yeeah, finally it happened, haha!! 15 viewer alltogerther in about 1,5 hours, pretty neat for the first stream done by a goy who isn't known by anybody :D

So I will be streaming daily from now on, and I will announce the streams via facebook and twitter, so that you can come and watch and maybe do some studies yourself and show them here in the comments. If you like I can upload the pic I am doing a study from so that we can do the same study together :)

SO feel free to follow me on facebook or twitter. you can find the links to my profiles on the right.

AAAAND to make things even a bit more interesting I am going to upload the PSD of my study so that you can download them and maybe paint Penises and boobs all over it in case you hate me, or something like that :D

SO here's todays livestream study

You can download the fullres PSD here:"

See you tomorrow :)

2 Kommentare:

  1. thanks for uploading the fullres psd or this study :D
    it taught me a bit about process, i appreciate it !

  2. Hey bapsi, glad you like it, and really cool that you could get something outta it :)