Montag, 13. Juni 2011

bouguereau FTW!!

Hi everyone!

here is the next study done on my lifestream. IT's basically "just" a colorstudy of a bouguereau painting. Everytime I see his paintings I am blown away by how good he was with skintones, and it's actually almost a little strange that this is my very first study of one of his paintings.
Actually this one was also pretty qucik, around 4 hours or something at the most, so things are speeding up a little what is REALLY good and friggin necessary! :D
SO the next step in tomorrows lifestream will be a painting without reference where I try to apply the stuff I've learned from that one, looking forward to it but first I gotta get some sleep :D
Here's the painting with the link to the fullres PSD underneath it, hope you like it :)


2 Kommentare:

  1. wesentlich besser als deine 2te streamstudie hier drunter. ;)

  2. danke danke, wobei man "besser" nicht mit "fertiger" verwechseln sollte ;)