Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

wow, one year again :) year has already gone by again, as I actually cant remember a year in my life that has gone by as quickly as 2010, and it was a great year.

I have planned to do some kind of "2010 in retrospective" post, showing where I started and showing where I am now, and I have kinda spent the whole day thinking about it but just 10 minutes ago I went into my archive of digital paintings to dig out the very first one I painted this year, and as I opened the file it literally brought tears to my eyes.
I have completely forgotten that painting but as I see it right now I can remember everything about it again:

It was February and I decided to really get "seriously" into digital painting, building a portfolio to finally start a career in the conceptart/Gaming industry as quickly as possible.
So I started this painting and I was giving it all to make this one the most awesome painting I ever made, an amazing portfolio piece.
Then after about four days of work I felt that this piece was finished and more importantly that I really achieved my goals I had with this onee.

Curious? This is the painting:

February 2010 - Zombie Concept

Now that I see it I actually cant really believe it, I cant believed that I actually sucked THAT hard, and I can't believe that I actually didn't notice it back then.
On the other hand it makes me so glad, since it shows me the way that I have come in one year, and it shows me the way that lies ahead of me the next year and that maybe I will be here again in December 2011 feeling just the same way, a crazy thought indeed :)

It's time now to set some new goals for the new year, many of them are already made up, some will still follow for sure, and I am looking forward to make all my wishes reality simply by kicking my ass, and getting where I want to be.

2011's gonna be awesome!!

Now on to part two :)

To stay in that melancholic mood of the ending year 2010, here's the last painting of this year, the finished frog concept.
I had HUUUGE fun doing that one, and learned so much it's not even funny anymore :D Next froggy coming next year :)

So that's it, everybody, have a great new year, it's gonna be awesome, I tell you!!

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