Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

Painting my ass an maybe even some other bodyparts off....

sooooooo "Paintings for Promotion" has been going friggin awesome! thanks to you guys I got a huge bunch of pageviews compared to what I was used to get. So this is one fo the paintings I am going to give away to you guys, who promoted me. There will be a lot more stuff coming hopefully on a daily basis now so that I can keep up with the huge damand.

so you have no clue what I am even talking about? Check out my previous blogpost or my DA Page to find out how to get an oilpainting for free, just by investing a maximum of 10 minutes of your time :) .

Some thoughts on these paintings themselves:
You will probably notice that each of those and probably the next ones too, vary quite a bit in their overall "look" or "style". I am really into playing around with oils right now. Actually I am starting to feel quite comfortable with the first steps of these paintings (blocking in basically). I don't mean at all that I get it perfectly or something like that. It's just that I've overcome this clumsy, awkward feeling of just not being used at all to this medium so that I feel I can take some more risks with playing around as far as technique is concerned. It's so much fun finding out what works and what doesn't and to see that I can take something with me after each of these experiments. I think it's starting to show in my new digital stuff, I will be showing veeeeeeery soon :D

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