Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010


....UAH FINALLY! God damnit this piece took looooooooong, like really really long, but I am so glad it's finished now and although I would love to take this bitch and do it all over again, I am kinda happy with the result.
I learned so much stuff wit this one, especially concerning the beginning stages of an illustration. From now on i will definitely start investing a lot more time into developping the concept, doing thumbnails and figuring out colors and, well all that stuff that just needs to be done in the beginning of the entire picture making process.
One thing that I have started to think more about when doing all my little oilpaintings is Edgework. I have never actually payed too much attention to them in digital pieces but realizing HOW important edge control is and understanding a little bit better how they work made me level up quite a bit while painting this one....I hope :D

So not too much to say right now except for the fact that I am so happy to be finally moving on to new stuff now, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  1. so cool. i really love your work, man. i don't think i've seen much with this level of polish, but this looks phenomenal.