Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

concepting some more

sooooooo yeah.....well I let that last piece rest for now. The overall concept just bothered me in the end so much that I decided to leave it for a while and get back to it when I feel like that.
SO now I'm going on to some creature designs I am having in my head. Right now I am planing to do a series of different "fantasy-frog" species which kinda got into my head for no reason but mainly because I realized that I haven't painted too many frogs till now AAAANND because I want to push my overall process a little, wich is even more important.
This thought got to me when doing some oilppainting yesterday and noticed that my process in doing my alla prima lifestudies is pretty much always the same and thus very consistent, so that whenever I decide to change something or whenever improvement happens it's always "just" a modification of the general process.
With digital painting it has been a little different until now just because of the endless possibilities this medium offers. SO what I am trying to do now is basically just to really figure out a fixed process, an approach which can always stay the same without restricting me in my possibilities. So that everythime I am changing something, I can do it by adding to my process rather than always being in the position of "uh so what now".
This hopefully will increase my speed even more and will allow me even more to concentrate on the "important" things :D

So here's the first sketch of the first froggy, just before smacking some color onto it. about half an hour so far.

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