Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Pushing them oils

so one more oilpainting update in here.
I gotta admit that portfoliowork is going a little bit slow these days. the reason for that is mostly comission work and the fact that I am really starting to feel these oils again.
What was bugging me the most with these is that I was feeling all the time that I just wasn't able to transfer my knowledge into that medium the way I am able to do digitally. That stuff really got me thinking a LOT the last weeks but finally, two days ago I had that "revelation" effect and in an instant my oilpaintings go into a complete different, better direction. Now I am actually moving somewhere :D
so the onion was the painting where all the "klicks" in my head went off, so it's still rather sketchy. With the sugar caster I was able to actually apply everything onto the canvas from the start.
At this point I'm not going to promise any bigass portfoliostuff coming the next few days, seems to never work out soemhow. So just feel the will come...someday :D

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