Donnerstag, 4. November 2010


..WHEW, what is going ON?!
Damn such a long time ago since I've posted the last time, and even now I don't have much more to show then a few sketches.
So what's the reason for that?
I've been doing a LOT, damn so much going on here. Unfortunately it's mostly annoying stuff but I think that all the stress with school and everything's over now so that I can finally focus on important things again. IT's not all bad though. Teh good thing is that I am finally starting to get more and more freelance work, finally starting to make some money out of it which at least raises teh hope that I'll be able to quit school soon, yeah!
Moreover I've been working a lot on my portfolio, investing a lot of time into exploring new things, especially the fantasy genre and Illustration in general. I have spent so much time doing creepy monster concepts that I got kinda rusty when it came back to planing a complete illustration which actually tells a story. So I've been really into that the last few weeks, and I hope that I will be able to show something real soon, especially because I think that I am finally starting to get somewhere, as far as that whole technique vs. keeping in real thing is concerned :D

what else? hmmm I've finally after almost one month have started to do some sketchbookstuff again. Damn kinda it's a weird feeling to notice that you can get even rusty when it comes to simple pencil sketching.
I really don't care about that whole digital vs. traditional discussion, but one thing is true for SURE: Digital media really supports avoiding to have to commit to what you're actually doing, you can just keep on tweaking and tweaking until it finally gets right. When things go bad, it'S easy to get lost and you stop to actually draw but you are fiddling just all the time, fighting to get something to look right.
Doing now a lot of sketching and all the oilpaitnings now shows kinda obviously thatr the learning curve keeps raising up and up, whereas it's easy to loose the constant improvement when working digital ONLY. Well at least it's my oppinion.
Okay enough talking for now. Here are some sketchbook pages from teh last few days which seem to be actually worth showing. Nothing fancy, but more finished stuff is gonna come soon for sure :D

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