Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

woah! O_O

wow, long time no post. Things have just been crazy these days, crazy but really good. Finally I feel that I am actually moving somewhere as far as freelancing is concerned. Who would have thought that beeing too busy with commission work, to be able to do personal stuff is actually a great feeling :D
So as I said, the last days I have been really busy doing freelance work, and I am happy to be doing so for the next few weeks as well. Moreover I was invited to participate in a little spontaneous artshow in cologne the last weekend, so this kinda stole my enire last week being busy doing prints, buying frames and setting that whole thing up.
It was awesome! I was really surprised how many people have been interested in my digital work, and were actually able to appreciate it as being something really cool (normally I was used that people would come up to me, being super sceptical, thinking taht painting digitally is no art, not even painting).

Btw: if you are interested in Prints of my latest digital pieces, feel free to write me a mail to . Don't worry, the prizes are really humane :D

soooooo whats going on with some art? As I already said, I wasnt really able to do portfolio work the last few days, but I managed to do some studying again.
I really want to get into oilpainting and painting still lifes from life again, it's just such a good practice, and so much more demanding and in the end rewarding than painting these digitally, so here we go with the first one which is actually showable :D

feel free to tell me how you think about it :)

And one more thing I just want to ask you before you leave this blog again:
Would you be interested in getting some oilpainting still lifes for free?

No shit, I actually plan some cool stuff and it includes giving away some free oilpaintings, for anybody, anywhere in the world. But before I can start doing some crazy oilpainting action, I just need you to know if you guys actually like them or if you think they still suck too hard to be worth getting :D
Please leave some comments, giving me your oppinion :)

See you next time with some crazy new portfolio work !

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  1. I saw this plum painting on dA - it's fantastic! It looks very delicious. ;)

    I would be very interested free paintings! I'm curious about what your plan is.