Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

stil life action

UAAAAH gotta hurry. here's today alla prima still life study. Do you want that one for free? Leave me a comment and stay tuned for more information TOMORROW :)

4 Kommentare:

  1. you're still life paintings are great. why are you giving them away? I'd certainly hang one up.

  2. oh hi aaron! Well actually I am not giving them away totally for free. Jeez because of stupid senseless schoolwork I wasn't even able to make the information update as I said I would. but here's the shortversion, bigger announcement's coming soon:
    Basically I want to get some promotion for me and my work going with some help of all the people who are interested in getting one oilpainting for free.
    So I want to make people link me on their deviantart frontpage and keep that up for lets say one week, so that hopefully I might get some more views, maybe get noticed a little more and as little "thank-you"-gifts I am gonna sent them one of my daily oilpainting studies. That will keep my busy with daily oilpaintings, give me hopefully a little promotion, and maybe make someone out there happy :) thats basically it :D

  3. i'd do that. plus i'd add it to the featured images of one of my groups. if you send me a bio about what you're plans are for now and the future i'd post it in my news section. if you also want more of a little promo, listen to Drawn Today Podcast and ask a good question or topic you want covered and we'll pimp you.

  4. wow man cool. gonna sent you my bio shortversion tomorrow then. and I will take a few shots of my newest oilpaintings, so that you can choose one :D
    Yeah gonna throw some questions on you guys, I'm a big fan of your podcast! :)