Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

whoops, a little late

argh man, so much for keeping this blog a little excuse though, my days are crazily busy right now. unfortunately most of my time gets sucked away from me by that stupid school, I've already been writing about. So basically my days are filled with working for school after I come home at about 4pm, then working on comission work from around 6 till 11:30 pm or longer, then trying to push my own stuff for about one or two more hours and then going to bed, to get up at 5am again to work some more on personal portfolio stuff........haha you get used to it as well as to all the people coming up on you asking you "what the hell hapened? you look terrible, man" :D.
to make it a little easier for me I am trying to make schoolwork merge with my personal stuff as best as I can. One example for that is this next piece, done for my illustration class. My illustration teacher is that about 500 years old guy, but instead of being this old source of wisdom and inspiration, he's just an old guy who spends his time painting amateurish flower still lifes in watercolor...really terrible stuff. Anyways, that guy wants us to illustrate a fable, which we may freely choose, so I decided to choose one called "the rabbit with the horns".....or something like that. The way the piece turned out has nothing to do with the story but it was so much fun painting it, especially because all that "fuck you maaaaaaaan" attitude behind it, amazing! :D

Well enough of that. as I went on with this piece today in the morning I realized that I really do need to do more and more studies in order to being able to push my stuff to the next level. just before a couple of months I did studies almost exclusively, completely neglecting to do stuff from my mind. So when I started to work on personal stuff again, it got better and better quite rapidly because of what I have learned from studying so much. But now I feel that my learning curve actually tends to flatten again because I just need to learn more more more in order to being able to put it into my personal work. Sometimes for me it is quite hard to keep the balance between personal imaginative stuff and straight studying, especially because it is not too easy to find enough time to do both of it equally focused on a daily basis....well I guess I'll try nevertheless :D

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