Donnerstag, 30. September 2010

Good morning everybody! well at least it's morning over here (8am)

I just figured out that I really need to get into doing more studies again, so here's basically my first digital still life, my morning warmup, about one hour or something like that. Still pretty shitty, but well, that's how it goes when you start something Things will get better soon!

The point with these studies especially is that i want to burn into my head to keep my values closely together and in the middle tones in order to get a realistic value pattern when I work from my mind, as well as seeing shifts in colortemperature in order to "fake" a change of value. really exciting, I feel that I am already learning a shitload.
For now I want to stay with rough block ins like that, since right now it is quite difficult for me to get the colors right from the start. It's sometimes funny HOW wrong I am in the beginning, while blocking in. It gets even more tricky when a dark surface (my almost black table) gets hit by a lot of light and thus gets really light and really yellow.....awesome!
So to start off, here're some gwapes

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