Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

First post, first Rant. Sometimes Misery is the best Motivator ! woot!!

hey everybody!
So this is gonna be my first post in here to actually include some art. But before we go to the pictures I want to say some things which have been going through my mind the last few days weeks, concerning my life and my way as an artist.
Right now I am 21 Years old and I am crazy about art, painting the shit out of every day, when my right hand hurts, I go on with my left one, and so on :D
About a year ago I started going to artschool. I was crazy about going to that school, just hoping to finally find people, who are as nuts as I am about drawing and painting, and hoping to find teachers who are motivated and have the urge to push people like me and make them learn as much as they possibly can.
Unfortunately this hopes were shattered in the first week I started going there. I was surrounded by the laziest people I have ever met, both the students and the teachers. Nobody gives a fuck about drawing, everybody is just literally waiting to get his or her diploma and most of the teachers just accept it.
consequently I got really frustrated, mainly because of the reason, that I couldn't just quit. To be able to go to that school, I had to leave my parents house and move to my own little appartment.
The thing is that my family is very very poor, and they can't affort to support me with any money. All the money I am getting right now is supportive money from the government, which I can get as long as I am actually a student. So if I just quit, I'm fucked, since I wouldn't get any money at all.
Moreover, as if that weren't already enough, because of healthissues my father wasn't able to work for the last few months and won't be able to for about two more, so my family is really really troubled as far as money is concerned, and I feel that it is my duty to be able to help them in such situations, at least a bit. And in their situation every bit is a whole lot!

So what am I gonna do?

There is only one way. I need to be starting to work on my career as an artist, as hard as I can to get there as quick as I possibly can. Finally making money and being able to pay the bills on my own. So I started this "one year plan"back in april 2010, which is basically all about kicking my ass for one year as hard as I possibly can, pushing my skills to a level where I can finally start to actually make money with my drawing skills so that I am able to leave that terrible school and pay the bills on my own.
To see my progression in the last few months, be invited to visit my sketchbooks on and

I personally think that things are going pretty well, there's still about 5 months left, so plenty of time to improve and kick some serious ass. So lets do that. Kicking my ass to kick some other ass, awesome!! :D

Recently I've been thinking a lot about what it actually takes to be successful and to be actually "relevant" for art directors so that they want YOU to make art FOR THEM. the last months I have been pushing hard to improve my work on a technical level, basically improving my drawing itslef and my photoshop skills. I do believe that I am actually doing pretty well as far as my progression is concerned. Not that I am there where I want to be right now but it's gettin better and better.
The Point, however, is that I am starting to ralize that all these technical skills are my tool and not THE thing that gets jobs for me.
So I am really pushing it right now actually developping an own sense for design, and showing the way that I see things and actually simply starting to do MY stuff, inspired by me and nobody else.
I can tell you one thing, playing with that is just so much more fun than pushing technical skills only.:D I want to do something fresh, something cool, something which actually means something to me as a person and expresses that i love what I am doing from the bottom of my heart :D

So enough talking. Let's go on to some art. I want to post the newest things only in here, because I feel that this update means something like a huge break in the way I deal with art in general, pushing it to do my thing, showing who I am, hoping that you're gonna like it and actually not being afraid to do so!!. If you are interested in older work, feel free to visit me on deviantart :)

I want to keep this blog as daily as possible, so hope I am going to see some people here joining me in the future :)

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